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Today is Thursday - Agost/11/2022

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Rules for Membership

Fill out the registration form and send;
Pay the annual Membership fee in accordance to your category as per table below;
The payment may be done through a wire transfer to the Chamber´s bank account.

The system shall delete automatically the registration form incase the payment is not received within 72 hours from the registration date.
After the payment is concluded, authenticated copies of Company´s AOA, its last alternation, if any , as well Corporate´s Tax ID must be sent to us for our archives.

The deposit receipt should be sent to info@camiranbrasil.com.br for payment confirmation.


Bank Itaú
Branch: 0845
A/C: 44409-0
Beneficiary: Câmara de Comércio & Industria Brasil-Irã
CNPJ: 04.957.625/0001-05

Branch: 0239
A/C: 00001355-7
Beneficiary : Câmara de Comércio & Industria Brasil-Irã
CNPJ: 04.957.625/0001-05

  • Legal Entity
  • Type Annual Fee
  • Small, medium and large
    Brazilian enterprises

    R$ 3.500,00
  • Brazilian Groups and Holdings

    R$ 4.000,00
  • Brazilian Industries

    R$ 7.000,00
  • Iranian Companies

    USD $1.500,00
  • Iranian Industries

    USD $3.000,00
  • Foreign Companies

    USD $2.000,00
  • Foreign Industries

    USD $6.000,00
  • Register
  • Real Person
  • Type Annual Fee
  • Brazilian Real Person

    R$ 1.200,00
  • Iranian Real Person

    USD 500,00
  • Non Brazilian Real Person

    USD 1.000,00
  • Register