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Day of Arba'in (40th day of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn - 20 Safar)

Day of Arba'in (40th day of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn - 20 Safar)

November 09, 2017

It was recommended that on the occasion of the Arba'in of Imam Hussein and his dedicated companions visit to the tombs of the Holy Imam and the martyrs of the tragedy of Karbala must be paid. Arba'in Day is one of the most visited days of the holy city of Karbala
Muslims and Shi'ah in particular, reach this glorious place from different parts of the world and send greetings to the great and magnanimous people who performed the deeds of greater bravery, dedication and honor. Of course, the ceremonies of homage can be performed and setting one for the sacred mission of the martyrs can be expressed in any words and language.
However, it will be much better that what has come to us since the leaders of the religion with regard to the ceremonies of paying the homage should be performed in the same way as was recommended by the Holy Prophet and the Holy Imams and the supplications mentioned in the very Qur'an should be given preference over others.
How pitiful is that, for example, people come from distant places to pay homage to the sacred tomb of the eighth Imam, but during their stay in Mashhad for a few days they did not recite anything except the common tribute prepared by the vendors and remain private To read all the quoted tributes of the Holy Imams.