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Today is Thursday - Agost/13/2020
Iran celebrates 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Iran celebrates 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Cantos to the glory of Islam and the Iranian nation, anti-American slogans or against the Saudi dynasty: Iran launched on Friday (1) the ceremonies marking the 40th anniversary of its Islamic Revolution.

With green, white and red flags, thousands of people gathered at the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in Tehran at the request of the authorities. The commemorations began in the morning at 9:33 p.m., landing time in Tehran on February 1, 1979, of the Air France plane that brought back, after more than 14 years of exile, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, father of the Revolution and first guide of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Normally, the "bell of the revolution" rings at this hour in every school in the country every February 1st. Speaking of celebrations around the country, Isna news agency broadcast a video showing boats sounding their sirens in the port of Bandar-Abbas, at 9:33 am

In the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in southern Tehran a male choir sang a hymn: "Iran, home of hope, our guide is the guide of free men." Thanks to the velayat ["the Muslim jurist's government", political model theorized by Khomeini] are alive and remain. " In the room, whose ceiling is supported by impressive columns, a varied audience; formed by Shiite clerics, civilians, men, women and military, heard the chant.

In Iran, Feb. 1 marks the first day of the "Dawning Decade," the ten-day period between Khomeini's return and the final victory of the Revolution on February 11, 1979. For several weeks, state television shows programs dedicated to the Revolution and the 40-year history of the Islamic Republic.