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Today is Saturday - April/10/2021
Iran becomes bio-medicine exporter

Iran becomes bio-medicine exporter

Biotechnology is one of the areas that has been growing well in Iran in spite of sanctions over the last 40 years, and now, secretary general of the Biotechnology Development Special Headquarters said.
Mostafa Ghanei, the secretary of Biotechnology Development Special Headquarters of the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs said that Iran in the field of biotechnology has no rival in the region.
He pointed to the achievements of 40 years of the Islamic Revolution in this area, and said, 'Given the sanctions imposed at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in these fields, we were able to occupy good place in the region and in the world in the production of vaccines, bio-medicines and bio-agriculture medicines.
He went on to say, 'These achievements are so high that we were able to deliver the first bio- medicines in 2006, and in the last 10 years, a total of 22 new medicines were added to the list of medications every year.'
'Currently, 22 biotechnology products are produced in the country, while in Asia only Japan is ahead of Iran in terms of bio- medicines; the important thing is that there is no rival in the field of biotechnology in the region.'