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Today is Friday - July/10/2020
Shahid Rajaee Port to See 30% Rise in Oil Products Exports

Shahid Rajaee Port to See 30% Rise in Oil Products Exports

Export capacity of oil products from Shahid Rajaee port is expected to increase by 30% after completion of the three platforms

Director of Shahid Rajaee Port Special Economic Zone Allah Morad Afifipour made the remarks on Sunday.

The three platforms are being built by Iranian experts, the official said adding that the construction project has had a 44% physical progress.

Once the platforms are completed, it will enable three 100,000-ton ships to dock at the port simultaneously.

In relevant remarks in early June, it was announced that more than two million tons of non-oil products and commodities were exported from Iran’s largest port, Shahid Rajaee, over the first two months of the current year (March 20-May 20, 2020).

"1.7 million tons of various types of oil products was exported from Shahid Rajaee Port, showing a 32 percent growth as compared to the same period of last year," Afifipour told FNA.

He noted that a total number of 583 vessels have entered the port in 60 days, and said, "In this period a sum of 540,000 tons of goods were transshipped at the port."