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Today is Friday - July/10/2020
Iran to Increase Exports of Knowledge-Based Products to $1bln

Iran to Increase Exports of Knowledge-Based Products to $1bln

Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology announced the country's plans to boost exports of knowledge-based products to foreign states to $1bln annually.

"We intend to increase export of Iran-made knowledge-based products which now stands at $500mln to $1bln in this year that has been named as the Year of Surge in Production," Director of the Center for Development of Strategic Technologies in Iran's Presidential Department for Science and Technology Esmayeel Qaderifar told FNA on Sunday.

He referred to the production of different masks, disinfectants and medical equipment in the campaign against coronavirus, saying that the country exports these products in addition to ventilators and kits to diagnose COVID-19 virus.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, a senior official at Iran's Food and Drug Administration announced that the country is at present exporting 8 different types of coronavirus campaign equipment to other states.

"Iran is one of the exporters of N95 masks, serological kits, coverall clothes, protective gowns, protective shields, monitors, ventilators and disinfectants to the European, Southeast Asian and neighboring states," Seyed Asef Mahdavi said.

He added that the anti-coronavirus equipment are exported to foreign states in such conditions that Iran is under the harshest sanctions by the US.

On May 19, Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari announced his country’s self-sufficiency in production of equipment to fight against coronavirus.

“Now, our country does not need imports of equipment to fight against coronavirus and all the country’s needs are met indigenously,” Sattari told reporters in the Southern city of Bushehr.

He noted that Iran imported a number of equipment to fight against COVID-19 virus on the first days of the virus outbreak but it achieved self-sufficiency in manufacturing the hospital and ICU rooms equipment with the efforts of the knowledge-based companies.

Sattari also said that 8 Iranian knowledge-based companies have received necessary permissions for the exports of kits to diagnose coronavirus infection.

Earlier this month, Sattari had said that the Iranian knowledge-based companies have developed such a capability that they now can export extra equipment needed for treating coronavirus patients to the other countries.

"The Iranian knowledge-based companies made the ICU and the CCU equipment, CT-scan machines, coronavirus diagnostic kits, disinfectants, and 6 million masks a day," Sattari said.

He added that if the Iranian Health Ministry issues the permit to export the medical equipment, the knowledge-based firms can do it.