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Today is Saturday - December/4/2021
Turkey to sell train rails to Iran in exchange for oil

Turkey to sell train rails to Iran in exchange for oil

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim has said Turkey will buy oil from Iran in exchange of train rails in line with an 80-million-euro deal.

Yildirim visited the Black Sea province of Karabuk to open a railway route, which was completed by European Union funds and Turkey’s financial contributions, in the region on April 26.
Yildirim noted Turkey had inked a deal with Iran for Iranian oil in exchange for train rails, which are made in Karabuk.
“Karabuk has been one of the oldest industrial hubs of the Turkish Republic… Karabuk has now become an important train rail producer and exporter. We recently made an 80-million-euro agreement with Iran to sell train rails. In line with the deal, Turkish refinery TUPRAS will buy oil from Iran. In exchange for oil, Karabuk will sell rails worth 80 million euros,” he said, adding that this deal was of great significance not only for Karabuk, but also for the entire country.