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Today is Saturday - June/6/2020
NPC director: Petrochemical production capacity to grow significantly this year

NPC director: Petrochemical production capacity to grow significantly this year

Iran’s petrochemical production capacity is expected to witness a significant growth following the implementation of a number of development plans in the current Iranian calendar year

Ali-Mohammad Bassaqzadeh, a member of the board of directors of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), added in a year designated as the ‘Year of Surge in Domestic Production’ by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the NPC will do its best to make maximum use of domestic capacities and capabilities, and raise the production capacity of the domestic petrochemical industry by completing new projects, Shana wrote.

Describing the petrochemical industry as the main pillar of the country’s economic development, he noted that the industry is interconnected with all domestic industrial sectors.

Bassaqzadeh stressed that huge leaps can be taken in the domestic petrochemical industry by mobilizing the country’s resources for increasing domestic production and minimizing wastage of national reserves and assets.

The balanced development of the petrochemical industry is of special importance as a national strategy, he said, adding in line with this policy, developing the domestic downstream petrochemical industries helps prevent exports of raw materials and create high added-value.

The NPC director noted that to have a dynamic industry and strong economy, Iran’s petrochemical industry is required to minimize exports of raw materials, and move toward production of value-added products, calling on the Iranian government and Parliament to smooth the path for achieving these goals.

“Important development projects are under implementation in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (southern Iran) and Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (southwestern Iran), which are two main hubs in the country for the production of petrochemicals. In addition, a large number of other development plans are being completed in other Iranian provinces, which once finished, will help complete the production chain of a large number of petrochemicals in the country.”