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11 Fair AgroBrasília

11 Fair AgroBrasília

May 15-19, 2018


11 Fair AgroBrasília
May 15-19, 2018
Brasilia DF
Access to the event: Open to the public
Standard Time: 08:30 to 18:00

Lines of products and / or services: exhibition and marketing of agricultural machinery and implements, plots for companies of inputs, technologies for family agriculture, exhibition, commercialization and auction of animals, area of integration livestock farming forest and technical events.

Scope: International
Frequency: Annual
Modality: Fair
Sector: Agribusiness

Location: Parque Tecnológico Ivaldo Cenci
Address: BR 251, Km 5, - PAD-DF, 063 - PAD-DF
Event Website: http://www.agrobrasilia.com.br/
Event E-mail: agrobrasilia@agrobrasilia.com.br


Developer: COOPADF
Phone: (61) 3339-6542 Fax: (61) 3339-6559
Address: BR 251, KM 05 PAD-DF, BR 251, Km 07 PAD-DF - Paranoá
CEP: 70351-970
Website: http://www.agrobrasilia.com.br/
E-mail: triacca@agrobrasilia.com.br