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Today is Wednesday - June/3/2020
Iran Petroleum Ministry to hold 2nd ICTO conference next month.

Iran Petroleum Ministry to hold 2nd ICTO conference next month.

Iran’s Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is planning to hold the 2nd International Conference on Technological Opportunities (ICTO) in the Iranian oil and gas industry next month.

According to a report by RIPI’s Public Relations Department, the event will be held on the joint initiative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Petroleum, and RIPI on September 30, 2015, at RIPI's International Conference Center.

The conference, which will be attended by international companies, will have technologies and equipment related to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) as its main theme.

The participants include leading international companies, universities and research institutes, commercial attachés of foreign embassies in Tehran as well as Tehran-based international institutes and finance companies.

“The Iranian Ministry of Petroleum gives priority to development of production capacities, particularly in joint fields, and enhancing the added-value through establishment of the oil industry’s value chain,” said RIPI's President Hamidreza Katouzian.

The official added that the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum puts the highest emphasis on finding technological solutions to existing problems by taking advantage of the capacities and potentials of domestic R&D bodies, and by encouraging “participation of foreign players with a focus on strengthening the domestic technological capacities.”

Referring to the significant role of EOR activities in the master plans designed by the Ministry of Petroleum, Katouzian said EOR constitutes the main theme of the forthcoming international conference.

The official stated that demonstrating RIPI's capabilities in developing EOR technologies is among the main goals of the conference, which also aims to introduce technological requirements of the Iranian oil and gas industry in the area of enhanced recovery from joint fields.