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Today is Monday - July/13/2020
Europe becomes Iran's petrochemicals customer

Europe becomes Iran's petrochemicals customer

European countries, including Spain, Turkey, Romania and Belgium became customer of Iran petrochemical products in post-sanction era.

Production and export of petrochemical products is said to have 25% growth after the implementation of Iran nuclear deal also known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
JCPOA Implementation has removed obstacles in the way of exporting petrochemicals.
The total volume of petrochemical exports reached 7, 18,000 tons in weight and 3.4 billion dollar in value since during four months which was 6,847,000 tons in weight and 3.2 billion dollar in value last year.
Only 10%-14% of Iran petrochemicals were exported to Europe in sanction era.
India, Turkey, China and Belgium are the most important customers of Iran petrochemical products, according to the Managing Director of Mahabad Petrochemical Company Mohsen Majidi.