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Today is Saturday - June/6/2020
Acts signed at the 55th Mercosur Summit

Acts signed at the 55th Mercosur Summit

A series of acts was signed during the 55th Mercosur Heads of State Summit, which brought together the presidents of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, as well as the Uruguayan vice president, in Bento Gonçalves, in the Vale dos Vinhedos (RS). The Summit also included representatives from Associated States such as Chile and Bolivia.
There are two signed acts for security and social welfare in the border areas. The Border Cooperation Police Agreement regulates the persecution of criminals across the border. Thus, in a police chase in which the criminal crosses the border, police can continue the persecution in the neighboring country. The Joint Communiqué of Presidents of Mercosur States Parties and Associated States, stressed that the Agreement “will strengthen cooperation between police forces at the borders, demonstrating the high degree of mutual trust between the signatory countries,” says the text.
The Agreement on Boundary Border Locations, on the other hand, will allow the inhabitants and workers of these localities to have social assistance in both countries. This will make life easier for the people of these regions by increasing access to public health, education, culture, transport and identification systems.
Another signed act is the Agreement for the Mutual Protection of Originating Geographical Indications in the Territories of Mercosur States Parties. The idea is to identify a product as originating in a specific region of a country showing the quality and reputation of the product. The agreement creates a mechanism within Mercosur to quickly recognize geographical indications and protect goods against fraud and misuse.
According to the Ministry of Economy, Brazil included in the Mercosur list the GIs of "Salinas" (for cachaça), "Canastra" and "Serro" (for cheese) and "Vale dos Vinhedos" (for wine), among others. .
In the commercial area, the Montevideo Protocol on Mercosur Trade in Services was signed to provide legal certainty to trade flows of financial services within the bloc, in addition to the Trade Facilitation Agreements and authorized economic operators, which will facilitate dispatch. and goods processing in customs.
In the financial area, the Fiduciary Administration Agreement was signed between Mercosur and the Silver Basin Development Fund (Fonplata). The objective is a partnership between Fonplata and the Mercosur Structural Convergence Fund (Focem) to improve and elaborate infrastructure projects in the region.
Mutual recognition of Mercosur digital signatures was another act celebrated. With the Mutual Recognition Agreement of Digital Signature Certificates, people who have a digital signature recognized in one Mercosur country will be able to use it in other countries for contracts, financial transactions and electronic invoices. The idea is to facilitate and secure electronic transactions, such as internet sales. The measure ensures more security and confidence in digital documents for consumers and businesses.
The Action Plan for the Development and Convergence of Digital Platforms for Consumer Conflict Resolution was also celebrated. The goal is to develop and connect digital platforms between Mercosur countries, such as Consumers.gov.br, a Brazilian initiative that brings companies and consumers to online dispute resolution.