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Today is Sunday - April/21/2019
Bolsonaro and future ministers dedicate the day to meetings in the transition cabinet

Bolsonaro and future ministers dedicate the day to meetings in the transition cabinet

President-elect is expected to meet with the future Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina. Sérgio Moro (Justice) should meet in the afternoon with the current minister, Torquato Jardim.

Bolsonaro waved to journalists after arriving at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in Brasilia / images: Marcione Santana
President-elect Jair Bolsonaro left the apartment where he is staying in Brasília to attend meetings in the government transition office, housed in the Cultural Center of Banco do Brasil (CCBB).

Bolsonaro arrived at the CCBB at 10:55. He is expected to meet during the day with the future Minister of Agriculture, Ms. Tereza Cristina (DEM-MS), indicated for the post by the ruralist group of the Chamber.

Leader of the bench, Tereza Cristina had the name confirmed on Wednesday in the ministerial team. She was the first woman chosen by Bolsonaro to lead a ministry.

Other ministers from the Bolsonaro government and technicians on the transition team have already started the meetings on Thursday morning.

Minister who coordinates the transition and future head of the Civil House, Onyx Lorenzoni was the first member of the Bolsonaro team to reach the transition office.

Federal judge Sérgio Moro, who will head the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, and the economist Paulo Guedes, who will lead the superminister of the Economy, have arrived.

Guedes's agenda foresees meetings this Thursday on privatizations and fiscal adjustment. Moro has an afternoon meeting with the current Minister of Justice, Torquato Jardim.


Coordinator of the thematic group on infrastructure in the transition team, General Oswaldo Ferreira said on Thursday that the Bolsonaro government will keep the Ministry of Mines and Energy separate from the portfolio that will account for the infrastructure - currently there is the Ministry of Transport, Ports and Aviation Civil.

"That's it, let's say, rightly so, that the Mines and Energy part will be in a separate ministry," he told reporters.

Quoted to be Bolsonaro's minister, Ferreira was asked if he could be a "superminister" in the area of infrastructure.

"It may even be. What would a superminister be? If you have a Ministry of Transportation, Ports and Civil Aviation today, putting something else into it is already a super, right? "

The general also informed that on this Thursday his team will begin to make contacts with organs of the administration of the president Michel Temer.

The first will be with those responsible for the Investment Partnership Program (PPI), which takes care of the privatizations of the federal government.

The management of Bolsonaro has not yet defined whether the PPI will remain linked to the General Secretariat of the Presidency or will move to another folder.

central bank

Jair Bolsonaro's team analyzes with names for the presidency of the Central Bank if Ilan Goldfajn does not accept to remain in the position, according to source of the campaign of the president-elect.

According to this source, the names studied for an eventual succession of Ilan are Carlos Viana, Beny Parnes, Roberto Campos Neto, Mario Mesquita and Afonso Bevilaqua.

Bolsonaro's team would like Ilan to remain ahead of the BC. The future government supports the idea of autonomy of the Central Bank, defended by the current president of the Central Bank, which articulates the approval in the National Congress of the autonomy of the institution.