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Today is Thursday - Agost/22/2019
Bolsonaro holds meeting with General Heleno by videoconference

Bolsonaro holds meeting with General Heleno by videoconference

President Jair Bolsonaro met this morning (1 st), by videoconference with the Minister of the Institutional Security Office, General Augusto Heleno.
The president remains attentive to the news as he recovers from the surgery that rebuilt the intestinal transit after receiving a stab during the election campaign.
Interned on the fifth floor of Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, he is accompanied by his wife Michele Bolsonaro and his son Carlos Bolsonaro.
Today, Bolsonaro will have no official commitments or dispatches. The collective of the spokesperson of the Presidency of the Republic, Rego Barros, always made at the end of the day in São Paulo, was temporarily transferred to Brasilia.
Bolsonaro continues with restricted visits, according to a medical recommendation. Yesterday (31), he dispatched with the Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs of the Civil House, Jorge Antônio de Oliveira.

By Fernanda Cruz - Reporter from Agência Brasil São Paulo