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Today is Tuesday - July/7/2020
Bolsonaro undergoes surgery in SP to remove colostomy pouch and reattach bowel

Bolsonaro undergoes surgery in SP to remove colostomy pouch and reattach bowel

President should stay ten days in hospital and will dispatch Albert Einstein Hospital. Doctors may choose two procedures.

The president of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), began to be operated early this morning (28) at the Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo. Surgery is needed to remove the colostomy bag and reconnect the intestinal transit of Bolsonaro.

The procedure began around 6:30 a.m., according to the press office of the Presidency. Until the last update of this report, the start of surgery had not been confirmed by the Albert Einstein Hospital.

The initial forecast was that the procedure lasted three hours, but at 2.30 pm it was not over. Recovery should take ten days.

The surgery is led by the gastroenterologist Antonio Luiz Macedo. The son of President Carlos Bolsonaro was accompanying the surgery inside the surgical center. According to the Fantástico, two types of procedures could be adopted by doctors.

The first possibility is to join the two tips of the large intestine that were separated for placement of the pouch - fixation can be done with surgical needle and thread - or with a surgical stapler.

The second possibility is to cut a 20-centimeter part of the large intestine and attach the other end directly to the small intestine, which has more blood supply than the large intestine. The more blood circulating, the easier and faster the healing. This second procedure is most likely because it helps prevent future complications.

Bolsonaro arrived in São Paulo on Sunday (27), underwent a clinical evaluation, underwent laboratory and imaging tests at the hospital, and had colostomy bag removal surgery and confirmed intestinal transit reconstruction.

Sources: César Menezes, TV Globo