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Today is Thursday - Agost/22/2019
Bolsonaro resumes presidency, but should not have dispatch schedule

Bolsonaro resumes presidency, but should not have dispatch schedule

President Jair Bolsonaro re-assumed the presidency of the Republic at 7am this Wednesday. Still hospitalized at the ICU of Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, he has no schedule of dispatches scheduled for Wednesday.
On Twitter, Bolsonaro commented on his return to activities: "Between exercises and physiotherapy, the work that was already being touched by our team is going strong. The support I'm receiving will be fundamental to my total recovery."
Vice President Hamilton Mourão had taken over the presidency on Monday when Bolsonaro underwent a seven-hour surgery to reconnect the intestinal tract and withdraw the colostomy bag since September.
According to the latest medical report, released on Tuesday afternoon, the clinical picture of Bolsonaro remained stable. He did not present with bleeding, fever or any other complications.
Bolsonaro must be discharged at the end of next week after ten days of hospitalization. The president is expected to remain in the ICU throughout the period of hospitalization for reasons of privacy, according to the Presidency.
Initially, Bolsonaro was expected to start meeting with ministers on Wednesday, but postponing the surgery also delayed the doctors' recommended rest period. On Wednesday, physicians must evaluate whether the president can already receive visits and dispatch in a hospital-mounted office on the fifth floor of the building.
"Of course, we will try to prevent this order from being done routinely, that it will tire you. After all, he is a man who underwent the third surgery, "the spokesman for the Presidency, Otávio Rêgo Barros, said on Tuesday.
The temporary office was equipped with computer, internet and printer.
Photo: Reproduction / Instagram
Dimitrius Dantas