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Today is Wednesday - May/22/2019
Brazil is ready to expand scientific cooperation with Iran

Brazil is ready to expand scientific cooperation with Iran

Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in a meeting with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran (in Brazil), expressing his satisfaction with Iran's technological advances in various fields, including nanotechnology and biotechnology, has expressed the willingness of its ministry to expand scientific cooperation between Iran and Brazil.
In this meeting, Ali Saghayian, the Iranian ambassador to Brazil referring to Iran's scientific advances in various fields, including nano and biotechnology, aerospace and manufacturing of new composition drugs, underlined: "for our knowledge of Brazilian potentiality in these fields of science, I propose the expansion of scientific cooperation and the definition of joint projects between the two countries. "
He discussed with the Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology the possibility of organizing the technological working group between the two countries, based on agreements made within the Commission for Economic Cooperation between the two countries, joint cooperation in the field production of radio-pharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine, cooperation in the field of nuclear safety, as well as establish cooperation with the Nuclear Research Institute.