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Today is Tuesday - September/25/2018
Brazil: Temer expresses solidarity with earthquake victims

Brazil: Temer expresses solidarity with earthquake victims

President Michel Temer expressed via Twitter in solidarity with the victims of the earthquake that hit the border between Iran and Iraq. "Sad news of the tragic earthquake in the border region between Iran and Iraq.

We extend our solidarity to those who have lost loved ones, those who have been injured, to the friendly peoples of these two countries, "said the president.
The Foreign Ministry of Brazil also issued a note to the government's message of solidarity. "The Brazilian government has learned with deep consternation of the earthquake that hit the border area between Iran and Iraq on November 12, causing hundreds of deaths and leaving large numbers of injured.
To convey their condolences to the families of the deceased, the Brazilian government expresses its solidarity with the affected populations and the governments of those countries.
There is, so far, no registration of Brazilians among the victims. The Itamaraty will continue to follow the developments of the case, through the Brazilian Embassies in Tehran and Baghdad, in coordination with the Consular Assistance Division (DAC) in Brasilia. "
The magnitude-7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the epicenter of the Iran-Iraq border region in the Ozgoleh region of Kermanshah province in Iran at a depth of 11 kilometers and had hundreds of aftershocks. The natural disaster devastated several villages in Kermanshah province in western Iran, leaving more than 400 dead and more than 7,000 injured.
Iran is located in a region with major geological faults and records intense seismic activity. The most serious earthquakes to date occurred in December 2003 and June 1990, when about 30,000 people died in each of these events.
Red Crescent said its teams are helping with rescue and first aid. According to professionals, the picture of destruction is overwhelming. Volunteers in northern Iraq and Iran are mobilizing aid and providing shelter for those affected in the most affected cities.
UN Secretary António Guterres sent his solidarity to the Iranian and Iraqi governments and said that the organization is ready to assist countries if requested.