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Today is Sunday - June/24/2018
Beef exports shoot up 13.4% in relation to July

Beef exports shoot up 13.4% in relation to July

Increase was even higher compared with August last year (34%), and represents the best performance in exports since October 2013

Beef exports grew by 13.4% from July to August this year, according to the Brazilian Association of Meat Exporters (Abiec). The country exported 145,800 tons of beef in the month, leading to US$ 607 million in revenue, 12.8% higher than the previous month.
Compared to August 2016, last month's sales represent a 34% increase in total beef exports, both in total volume shipped and revenue. This is the best performance in volume since October 2013, and the highest for total revenue since December 2014.
The association also reported that Hong Kong continues to be the main importer of Brazilian beef. In August, it was responsible for 34,500 tons of beef imports (up 7.4% from July).
Sales abroad
Egypt ranked second, with 23,000 tons of imports (a 27.8% increase), followed by China with 18,500 tons (up 15.1%). Next came Russia (with 15,200 tons) and Iran (12,700 tons).
"Abiec continues to focus its efforts on opening new markets and expanding our presence in strategic partners. China has been a priority,” the association said in a statement.