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Today is Friday - September/25/2020
Italian investors hail good opportunities in Iran

Italian investors hail good opportunities in Iran

Two Italian investors, on a visit to North Khorasan Province, said that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has provided good conditions for investment in the country, bringing to an end Iran's isolation.

Anna Sasso, one of the Italian investors, told reporters on Tuesday evening that a new political situation has been developed in Iran and investors are quite mindful about the new circumstances in the country.
The current situation in Iran is very good for investors and there are different areas they can engage with the country, said Sasso who is heading the Italian company Crim.
'Our company is involved in producing new construction materials and structures and we are involved, in a way, in constructing industrial buildings and structures,' she said.
She stressed that the products manufactured in her company are helpful in saving energy and its storage.
Saying that the technical knowhow developed by Crim is one of the requirements in North Khorasan, the Italian investor said that they can supply the Iranian northeastern province with new structures and construction materials.
We are here to find investment opportunities and help to improve quality of life of the Iranian people, said Luca Quadrio another Italian investor from Novachem a software and web development company.
Quadrio stressed that investment opportunities in North Khorasan are better than those in the Iranian capital, Tehran.
'We can invest millions of Euros here, said he, referring to North Khorasan.
The Iranian province with a population of 863,000 has attracted foreign investors from other countries, including China, Greece, Italy, Qatar and Kyrgyzstan as well.