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Today is Sunday - April/21/2019
Iran need not import wheat

Iran need not import wheat

Minister of Agricultural Jihad says Iran is self-sufficient in producing wheat and does not need imports.

“We used to import six millions of wheat annually, but producing over 13 million tons zeroed the imports,” said Mahmoud Hojjati in a speech at the Second International Ornamental Plants Congress, held in Iran’s central city of Mahallat on Wednesday evening.
He referred to the current conditions of the country’s agricultural climate and said, “Following modern cultivation methods and best-practices can effectively increase agricultural productivity, even under harshest environments.”
“Mahallat’s export of flowers despite its limitation in water resources is an achievement on national level,” he added.
Parliamentary representative of Mahallat and Delijan also delivered speech during the congress, saying, “Mahallat owns suitable conditions and resources, including 900 hectares of area under cultivation.”
Alireza Salimi added that the relations between academic and practical affairs should be strengthened because it can greatly help the country’s agriculture.