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Today is Sunday - May/31/2020
Posthumous accolade to Castro comes from Rouhani

Posthumous accolade to Castro comes from Rouhani

Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has paid a posthumous homage to Cuba’s former revolutionary leader and retired politician Fidel Castro.

A message of condolence addressed to Cuban President Raul Castro, brother to late Castro, and Cuban government, hailed the deceased leader as ‘indefatigable warrior and champion of freedom in a world of injustice and hypocrisy.’
“The death of the former hero of Cuba and Latin America hit with grief the world’s people who seek their inherent rights for which Castro was a true example; I offer my condolences to you, the Cuban government, and people; Fidel Castro was a figure of immense vision and resisted the most piercing criticism with defiance and continued his beloved Revolutionary ideal,” said part of the message.