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Today is Friday - June/5/2020
Temer and Bolsonaro discuss pension reform today

Temer and Bolsonaro discuss pension reform today

Minister Eliseu Padilha and Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni will also attend the meeting that is scheduled for 3 pm
The pension reform proposed by President Michel Temer will be discussed this Wednesday (7) in a meeting between him and the president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, in the Planalto Palace.
Also attending the meeting, scheduled for 15:00, the head of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, Minister Eliseu Padilha, and the future occupant of the folder, Onyx Lorenzoni.
Bolsonaro says he wants part of Social Security approved in 2018
"Tomorrow the conversation between the president-elect and President Michel Temer is planned. Maybe there will be some referral to the issue [Pension reform], "said Minister of the Government, Carlos Marun, in a conversation with journalists today (6), in the Planalto Palace. Temer and his ministers have already said that resumption of the agenda later this year depends on the will of the president-elect's team.
The future Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, who will replace Eduardo Guardia in the Finance Ministry, has already expressed interest in approving part of the reform later this year. The issue is not yet set, and the issue may move forward in Wednesday's meeting.
Should the resumption of the reform vote take place, the Temer government may again face the difficulties encountered before: to obtain the 308 votes necessary to approve the proposal in the Chamber of Deputies.
In the last attempt, the government counted 275 votes in favor. Today Marun has adopted a realistic speech, avoiding to guarantee that the 275 votes still exist and recognizing difficulties to approve the reform. "We will only face this question of counting votes if, effectively, we are defined, if the decision is to be made to move forward this year with the reforms. [We] are all aware that it is a process that has great difficulties. "