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Tourism in Brazil - 0032 - Barra de Santo Antônio - AL

Tourism in Brazil - 0032 - Barra de Santo Antônio - AL

The simplicity of the village of Barra de Santo Antônio captivates visitors, who find there diverse landscapes - from the coconut trees and transparent waters of Morro beach to the strong waves and multicolored cliffs of Broken Car, an occasional nudist s

Between Maceió and Maragogi, Barra de Santo Antônio also houses the deserted beaches of Pedra do Cebola and Ponta do Gamela; and the Island of Croa, dotted with natural pools and reached by rafts.
Alegre, the town is also famous for its events such as Carnival, June festival, summer arrival (September) and the feast of the patron saint of São Sebastião (January). Regardless of the period, be sure to try the local fish stew, served in the village's homemade restaurants.
Six kilometers from the center is one of the main postcards, Car Broken Beach, with coconut palms, green sea and the famous cliffs of various shades that surround the shore and make the beach one of the favorite destinations of the residents of Maceió. To explore the beautiful beach, the tip is to rent quadricycles that depart from the Captain Nikolas restaurant, with day use structure (fee payment) to enjoy all day in the area, such as swimming pool, sun loungers, ...
The construction of the bridge connecting Barra de Santo Antônio to Ilha da Croa made it easier to access, but it is no longer allowed to drive or park in the sand.