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Tourism in Brazil - 10 - Xapuri - AC

Tourism in Brazil - 10 - Xapuri - AC

Cradle of the movement in defense of the Amazon, the city of the famous Seringueiro Chico Mendes

Xapuri is a historic city, birthplace of the Acreana Revolution and symbol of the World Environmental Movement. The city is also known by its illustrious resident, the seringueiro and union leader Chico Mendes. The first inhabitants of the region were the Indians of the Xapurys tribes. Its colonization began in 1861, with the excursion of Manuel Urbano da Encarnação to the mouth of the river Xapuri. After the end of the Acreana Revolution, Xapuri went through golden years. Due to the fall in the price of rubber and the opening of the region to agriculture and cattle ranching by the military government, many rubber plantations were sold to farmers mainly from Paraná, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. History of the city the figure of Chico Mendes. He organized peaceful movements against the destruction of the Amazon Forest and in favor of the rights of the Peoples of the Forest.
Tourism: In Xapuri, it is possible to visit several places and monuments that tell the history of the city. They are: White House: built in wood with two floors, was the place where the Bolivian independence functioned. Currently, it hosts the White House Museum. Church of São Sebastião: construction in colonial style. It was built amidst the Acreana Revolution. Chico Mendes Museum: installed in the house where the seringueiro, syndicalist and environmentalist lived. Texts hanging on the walls and roof of the place tell how the death of the seringueiro happened in 1988. Chico Mendes Foundation: In this place, it is possible to see several historical photos and personal belongings of the seringueiro. Seringal Waterfall: is located 40 minutes from the city. The place offers an eco-tour in the middle of a dense rainforest. Padres Waterfall: one of the only waterfalls located in the eastern portion of Acre.