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Today is Tuesday - July/7/2020
Tourism in Brazil - 27 - Arraial D'Ajuda - BA

Tourism in Brazil - 27 - Arraial D'Ajuda - BA

Arraial D Help a Paradise in the south of Bahia attracts tourists from all over the world and is considered a meeting point for writers, musicians and artists

Arraial dAjuda is a district of Porto Seguro. The small village is characterized by its paradisiacal beaches, lush nature and constructions with a unique style. On the road to the Mucugê River, better known as Rua do Mucugê, there is the largest concentration of shops and restaurants in the region. The architectural style, the variety and the refinement of its establishments have been nicknamed as "the most charming street in Brazil." It is also through it that one has access to the beaches of the region. the beaches of Praia de Aragaípe, the sand, the beaches, the beaches, the beaches, the beaches and the beaches, filled with shells, is in front of a private property. The Delegate Beach is between Mucugê Beach and Araçaípe Beach. Mucugê Beach, the sea is tranquil because of the reefs that form natural pools. luaus promoted during the year Parracho beach, with a famous homonymous tent where there are shows, carnivals out of season and university parties. or frequented by divers. Praia da Pitinga, postcard of Arraial, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. There is a piece with tents, right at the beginning, meaning of who comes from the village, then "disappears" along with the cliffs and amendment with the Tipe. Praia de Taípe, of open sea is isolated by cliffs of up to 20 meters; but nevertheless it has support stalls and car access before the bridge over the Tipe River. In the center of the beach, visitors will find Lagoa Azul, whose sands are rich in aluminum silicate, which they say are great for the skin.