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Today is Wednesday - July/17/2019
Come with us to Iran - 53 - province of Ardebil - city of Sarein

Come with us to Iran - 53 - province of Ardebil - city of Sarein

We are with another post from the series, Come with us to Iran. On our last trip to the province of Ardebil, located in northwestern Iran we know other attractions of this province.

The sources of mineral waters are like a natural wealth that nowadays serve widely to cure some diseases, which attracts many tourists and supplies a part of the income of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. The province of Ardebil is also rich in mineral waters, so in the first part of today's program, we will be presenting some of these sources shortly.
Because of the Sabalan volcano numerous sources of mineral waters have been created in different parts of the province of Ardebil. The fame of the thermal waters for the treatment of the diseases attract every year thousands of tourists to this region. Although in different places of the province there are many sources of thermal waters, however the best known are in three places of good climate called Sarein, Wila-darq (or Wila-dareh) and Wakil-bashi. We will dedicate today's program to these sources.
The town of Sarein with an area of 400 hectares 28 km southwest of Ardebil and 1650 meters above sea level is located on the slopes of the Sabalan mountain. There are 12 sources of mineral waters in this region and its abundant waters have given it a tourist characteristic to the province of Ardebil.
The thermal mineral waters of Sarein serve to bathe and also to cure some diseases. Gawmish-guli is one of the most important thermal waters of the city with abundant volume and a suitable temperature. The source is 1940 meters above sea level and sprouts 140 liters of water per second, making it one of the most watery sources. Water with a temperature of 46 degrees is always boiling, acidic, colorless, and has an odor like it contains chlorine, sodium bicarbonate and calcium. And it is very similar with the waters of Bourbon du Lancy in France, but it is a bit lighter.
The properties of the Gawmish-guli thermal waters cure diseases in general, the nervous system, chronic rheumatic pains, heart disease and also strengthen the body in general.
In the Sabalan hydrotherapy complex, Sarein is the most important in both Iran and the Middle East, which covers an area of 7200 square meters and contains two separate floors to offer services to men and ladies. It also has three indoor pools, four dry saunas, two steam saunas, cold water pools, hot and cold showers and well-equipped physiotherapy.
The thermal water of Sari-Sua is also located in the city of Sarein. The water temperature in the first pool reaches 47 degrees, the water has strong odor and almost green color, its taste is a bit acidic, which has many properties for rheumatic pains and is a good soothing for muscle aches. Qareh-su's thermal water is also one of the places chosen in the treatment to calm the nerves.
The Wila-dareh people are also 4 miles away northwest of Sarein. Most of the waters in this village are gaseous, cold, and tremulous. This region for its proximity to Sarein and due to the wonderful landscapes and its mineral waters has a unique situation.
In this village there are five sources of mineral water containing similar chemical components and are also similar to the components of the sources called Gasha-Sadian and San-Galmieh located in the Louer community in France. But the waters of the sources of Wila-dareh are more than seven times light than those of San-Galmieh of France.
The medicinal properties of the Wila-dareh sources are effective in the treatment of rheumatic pains, inflammation of the liver, etc. In addition, minerals Co2 facilitate the absorption and digestion of food from the digestive tract.
The Sardabeh mineral spring is also one of the most well-known mineral sources of the Wakil-abad village which is 28 kilometers away from the town of Ardebil. Its temperature is 35 degrees centigrade and is very good for curing jaundice and skin diseases. The weather in the area is very pleasant; and in warm summers the nights are cool; In addition, the region's dairy products, meat and honey are well known. Overall it is a very nice and unique place for tourists looking for tranquility.
Dear friends, in the last part of today's post we will present the famous ski slope called Alwares de Ardebil. The cultural-sports and tourist complex Alwares is located 30 kilometers from Sarein and 12 kilometers from the village of Alwares. The ski slope mentioned is the largest in Iran and is 3,200 meters high above sea level. During autumn and winter it snows a lot and as the snow melts slowly late, those interested in skiing can enjoy it for 6 to 8 months of the year. In the summer, although the temperature of Ardebil reaches 35, 40 degrees, it is clear the snow in the track Alwares, where it is well equipped with elevators, etc. Also by the existence of a modern hotel, an inn and a restaurant in the cultural complex Alwares, there is a good possibility to exercise the winter sports and enjoy the beautiful nature of Sabalan in the spring and summer for all interested.