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Today is Saturday - September/26/2020
Come with us to Iran - 04 - Fars Province - protected area of ​​Arjan and Parishan

Come with us to Iran - 04 - Fars Province - protected area of ​​Arjan and Parishan

Previously, we had told them about the natural wonders of this region, which we have talked about the Bamu park and the lake Bakhtegan.

In today's program, we will know the protected area of ​​Arjan and Parishan, located in the south of the mountainous chain of Zagros. We invite them to traverse us in this place, characterized by its very pleasant climate.

The protected area of ​​Arjan and Parishan is located 60 kilometers west of the city of Shiraz, on the way to the provinces of Juzestán and Bushehr. In 1971 and after the World Conference on ponds and migratory birds, the experts from the Middle Iranian Environment Organization, with a group of foreign experts, after studying the lakes of this country for variety of birds and the beauty of its landscapes, they chose Arjan and Parishan as the world research center of the lakes, under a special international direction. By which it has been reserved an area of ​​191,000 hectares for an international park, in which Arjan and Parishan lakes occupy the central area of ​​this park.

But this project faced many social and environmental problems. Caused that different nomadic tribes who lived in the park area to abandon the planned park area. Thus, the area was reduced to 91,000 and later 65,000 hectares. The area was called later, Arjan National Park and Parishan. In 1974, this park was selected by UNESCO as part of the World Biosphere Reserve.

In the highest region of Arjan and Parishan, is the mountain of Chah-Barqi, 2,900 meters high, where in scattered juniper bushes form. Also, on the mountain side are observed chestnut trees, which cover most of the region. In the less fullest in this region are the plains surrounding the lake Parishan, which is 800 meters high; is an area that was previously covered with lotus trees, but today are very few.

In summer, the plain around the lake Parishan, is very hot and the temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, while in winter, the cold gets to be cold at night. The lake front of Arjan, which is situated in the north to 2000 meters, the winters are very cold. In Arjan falls much snow and due to the long frost, snow part remains until spring. .

The lake Parishan, with an area of ​​more than 4000 hectares, is one of the finest in Iran. Parishan has fresh water and, being situated beside the green mountains and habitat of thousands of migratory birds who come from Siberia and regions to the northern Iran, adding to its natural beauty.

The Arjan lake is small compared to Parishan, but are similar in its splendor. Its extension depends on the level of annual rainfall. In the years that there is abundant rainfall, its surface reaches more than 2000 hectares. In the years that record drought, the length of the lake is limited to only a few hundred hectares.

On the outskirts of Arjan and Parishan and also in the mountains covered with trees between these two lakes are one of the best areas of fighters Fars province. In this region also observed a large forest.

In ancient books of geography and also the notes of many tourists who have traveled to Iran has always mentioned the name of these two lakes. Up to 70 years ago lived lions in this region, but due to increased poaching and habitat destruction of these animals, the lions of Iranian origin, disappeared completely. Among the lions of Iranian origin and of African origin there are many differences and currently Lions Iranian origin are in India.

Although today the situation in the region has changed, yet the two Arjan Parishan and lakes are still considered two places in this very important environmental area, which is protected.

Both lakes are very suitable places to spend the winter and where you can observe the proliferation of various birds such as pelicans, white duck head, paturi black, those who are in danger of extinction.

In addition, many other birds like the crane, the stork and goose spend the winter in this region.

The lake Arjan and Parishan are two lakes known worldwide and draw attention of the centers of international researchers. So that the International Organization of Birds, a few years ago, considered this region as "an important area for birds."

The dense trees, the Parishan lake shore, form a suitable ecosystem for the proliferation of birds such as the heron and the pelican and gray paws. The experts have observed that over hundreds of birds live in this region; rare migratory birds such as the white-headed goose, the eagle, among others.

In general, plant variety and the climate have met many species of birds in this region. So far recognized is at least 263 species of birds in this protected region.

The diversity of mammals region is also very wide. more than 50 species of animals have been recognized that with more research and make an accurate study, this amount can be increased.

Currently mammals such as wolves, rabbits, bulls, hyenas, chacales and boars are found in abundance in the protected area of ​​Arjan and Parishan lakes. But the amount of mammals such as the wild cat, bear, tiger, sheep rocks and the goat are very limited. It should be noted that in recent years, the National Security Organization for the Environment has paid more attention to the region to protect the Persian fallow deer, a species of deer that is in Iran and is in danger of extinction.

In the protected area of ​​Arjan and Parishan observe a particular plant variety. In the mountains and deserts of this region due to climatic diversity and the existence of freshwater lakes and saltwater, grow with chestnut frequency and almond trees and many other types of plants, making it an important plant source, very significant for Will.