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About us

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Iran is an independent, non-profit business organization.

About us

About us

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Iran is an independent, non-profit business organization. The Chamber has emerged as one of the most dynamic bilateral business catalysts in the nation since 2002. The organization´s aim has been ever since to promote trade and investment between Brazil and Iran and to forge closer ties between the business communities of both nations.

The CCBI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil Iran) is also a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC - International Chamber of Commerce) São Paulo and Paris, allowing greater support and assistance to its members at the international level.

Over the past decade, the Chamber's membership base has increased from a few companies to nearly 150 corporate members.

Chamber members range from small firms to corporations, and operate in a variety of sectors, including Petrochemical, agricultural, automotive, commodities and etc…


Strategic Objectives

To promote the development of commercial and industrial bilateral relations between Brazil and Iran. To expand technological exchange between the two countries by encouraging the development of cultural exchange, tourism, sports and any other area, provided that benefits both people.

Collect, publish and present economic data and other types of information that may contribute to enhance mutual development. Spread the laws of both countries with regard to their existing commercial, industrial and cultural relations. To offer, wherever appropriate, suggestions and subsidies to the competent authorities of the two countries, in order to improve mutual relations; Broadcast marketing methods accepted in Brazil and Iran.


Organizational Chart


Farrokh Faradji Chadan




Eudes Costa de Holanda Jr

Executive Vice President



Fariba Faraji Shadan

Commercial Director



Samir Couri

Projects Diretor



Dr. Manouchehr Goudarzi

Director of Energy Department


Farrokh F. Chadan

Farrokh F. Chadan


After removal of anti-Iran sanctions and implementation of the July deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), that started on January 16 , a new chapter opens in Brazil-Iran relations. This Chamber of Commerce, focusing on achieving the complete standardization and the business development between the two friendly countries, has been fulfilling its role assisting its member companies at its level best.