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Today is Monday - October/23/2017

Visa Request

What is a Visa? A Visa is a permission granted by the respective Consulates and Embassies of the country you claim to go.

Visa Request – to the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of IRI has an "Electronic System for Visa Request", which can be accessed through its website http://www.mfa.ir/?siteid=3 and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Brasília;


Assessoria em vistos

Advisory on Visas

Visa requests through the Chamber - We do provide assistance in this regard, nationwide, with quality assurances to obtaining your visa to the IRI.



The passport must be valid for at least 06 (six) months from the date of presentation to the Embassy;



Advisory, registration form for the Visa.

Being fully aware of the regulations , your procedure shall be conducted accordingly, avoiding the refusal for not fulfilling the requirements. The aforesaid service and its formalities, will be within fifteen banking days. Except from the Iranian official holidays, the said period may exceed the fifteen days.

Document analysis for TOURISM, BUSINESS or STUDIES Visa requests to IRI.

We post all the required duly filled to the IRI Consulate in Brasília, with Registered courier, nationwide;

The said service , does not require the applicant presence. Unless required by the Consul in Brasilia.

Passport forwarding to the IRI Consulate in Brasília.

We will process the Visa request as soon as all the required documents are delivered. Incomplete details or data inaccuracy will cause delays on the visa issuance process.

Monitoring until the receipt of the stamped passport with granted visa.

In case of the visa request is denied by the Consul and or any competent authorities, the fact of the visa denial shall not necessarily be disclosed, and this Chamber is exempted from any responsibility in this regard. In such cases, the services charged shall not be reimbursed.

All visas are granted for one entrance only. Currently, the immigration authority of the Government of Iran does not offer multiple entry visas. The request applicable are based on the number of business days (which do not include Fridays, Saturdays,. Sundays and holidays).